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How Do I Handle The Estate Of My Deceased Loved One?

The death of a loved one can be a trying time. The emotions involved in the loss can be compounded by the myriad of issues needing attention. Disposition of property, filing of estate tax returns and dealing with creditors are just a few of the issues the surviving family faces. Caring estate planning lawyers know that during this difficult time, helping shoulder the burden of the responsibilities helps you easier manage what needs managing.

The first thing to determine when a loved one passes is whether a will exists — if a will does exist, the matter proceeds through the probate courts. When there is no will, the estate of the deceased is distributed pursuant the State’s intestacy laws. For those cases with a will, the will must be filed. Filing of wills is done with the Register of Wills. Once filed, a personal representative is appointed and must file the Petition for Probate. A probate case generally follows this timeline:

            ● Determination of assets and heirs and their location

            ● Posting of a bond to protect interested parties

            ● Publication of notice of the introduction of the will to probate

            ● Creation of and filing of an inventory of all assets, and the filing of an estate tax return

            ● Preparation and filing of a final account of all assets and request for distribution 

The probate procedure is complex and includes specific timelines that must be met and requires notices be given to certain people. The anxiety this can create as you deal with the loss of your loved one is unnecessary — and an experienced attorney can handle this process for you.

For help with probate of a will, call a Bethesda estate planning attorney at Bauersfeld, Burton, Hendricks & Vanderhoof, LLC today. Our litigators also give advice when there is a death without a will and make sure the estate is distributed property, pursuant to law. Call us now for a free one-hour consultation.



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