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Dedicated Bethesda Estate Planning Lawyers

Individualized strategies for protecting and passing on your wealth

Estate planning encompasses a great number of strategies to address the future financial needs of a client and his or her family. Since 1918, our clients have used our estate planning services to ensure a secure retirement, provide for their families in the unfortunate case of their premature death, transfer decision-making authority, and transfer wealth in the most cost-effective manner.

The basic estate planning documents include:

A comprehensive estate plan tailored to fit your life

There are no “best” estate planning strategies — only ones that best suit your individual circumstances. Before venturing any estate planning advice, we do an in-depth study of your financial profile, and we get to know you as a person. That way, we know what your assets are and how they are structured as well as your plans for the future. Armed with this knowledge, our Bethesda estate planning lawyers can devise a plan that addresses your goals and priorities.

The typical steps include:

  • Creating an inventory of belongings – a comprehensive list of your assets and debts
  • Discussing your families needs – providing for children and dependents
  • Establishing legal directives – documenting your wishes
  • Naming beneficiaries – who should get your assets if you die or become incapacitated

Informed choices on sound instruments

To get the most out of your estate plan, you have to understand how your assets will be structured, what the governing documents say and how the entities they create operate. This may seem like a daunting task, especially to clients who have a limited background in finance or law. Fortunately, your estate planner realizes the importance of educating you on all aspects of your estate. Whether you meet with a wills attorney or one of our estate administration lawyers in Bethesda, we take the time to explain everything carefully and in great detail. After your documents are drafted, we review them in detail, revisiting how each operates to safeguard your estate. Estate planning requires a commitment on your part; you’ve got to understand the advantages and limitations to every aspect of a proposed plan so that you can choose one that truly fits your life.

Contact our devoted Bethesda estate planning attorneys

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