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Bethesda Asset Protection Lawyers

Individualized programs for safeguarding your wealth

In recent years, middle-income investors have begun to employ strategies once reserved for the very rich for growing assets and limiting tax and creditor liability. Bauersfeld, Burton, Hendricks & Vanderhoof, LLC encourages our clients to take advantage of opportunities written into the tax code to keep more of what they earn, grow what they keep and pass that wealth on without burdensome taxation. As a reputable law firm that has served Maryland since 1918, we don’t use questionable schemes, or smoke and mirrors. We rely on tested and true legal structures that deliver reliable, positive results.

Bethesda asset protection attorneys shelter your wealth

“Asset protection,” like “estate planning,” is an umbrella term that encompasses many strategies for effective wealth management. It can be as simple as opening an IRA to allow your retirement savings to grow tax free. Or it can involve sophisticated trust instruments that address more complex problems, such as how to pass on a family home to an heir who cannot afford to pay the taxes. Our asset protection lawyers take the time to understand your financial profile as well as your personal circumstances. We work closely with you to design a comprehensive asset protection program that addresses your current and future needs. However, our estate planning services in Bethesda continue to assist you. Our trust administration attorneys can oversee the legal entities you’ve established to hold and manage your assets. Finally, our probate administration attorneys can facilitate the disposition of your estate as provided in your will.

Contact our dedicated asset protection legal team in Bethesda, MD

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