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Bethesda Probate and Estate Administration Lawyers

Start-to-finish guidance for the final disposition of your loved one’s estate

When a loved one dies, your grief can easily be compounded by confusion about how to proceed with his or her estate. If a will exists, it must go through the probate process, where it will be validated and executed. If your loved one died intestate, meaning that there is no will, disposition of the estate proceeds under Maryland intestacy laws. Whichever process you face, you need experienced legal counsel who knows the law thoroughly and can provide patient, compassionate service. Since 1918, Bauersfeld, Burton, Hendricks & Vanderhoof, LLC has assisted heirs to modest and complex estates with issues related to probate and estate administration. Our Bethesda estate administration attorneys can help you with all aspects of these processes, including:

  • Creditor issues
  • Distributing assets
  • Filing estate tax returns
  • Qualifying personal representatives

Meticulous accounting and legal scrutiny of intestate estates

The first step in settling an intestate estate is to have some person qualified as a representative to oversee the estate administration. That representative is responsible for performing a thorough inventory of all assets, including an accurate valuation of hard-to-assess properties. The next step is to identify creditors and debtors of the estate and give them notice so they can present a claim or payment. The validity of the claims against the estate must be scrutinized so that only valid claims are paid. After creditor and debtor accounts are settled, the representative can release assets to heirs according to intestacy law. This process may seem daunting, especially to heirs who are not financially sophisticated, but that’s exactly where our firm can help. We provide close personal counsel from start to finish. Our Bethesda estate administration attorneys assist in your application and bonding. We support you in your communications with creditors, debtors, heirs and the court so that the whole process is orderly, transparent and in strict compliance with Maryland law.

Smooth progress through probate

Our Bethesda probate attorneys are knowledgeable about the law and the court process. We have vast experience with validating wills, interceding with creditors and managing the disposition of assets. Our estate planning law firm knows why certain will provisions are put in place, because we regularly employ them to protect our clients’ interests. As trust administration lawyers, we understand complex legal instruments that are used to convey property in place of a will. As guardianship attorneys, we are trained to be especially sensitive to minor children during their period of grief, and make every effort to ensure a quick, certain resolution of probate so their needs can be addressed.

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