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Reliable Bethesda Trust Administration Attorneys

Capable oversight as counsel or trustee

Once a trust is established, it must be competently managed to perform as you intend. Many trusts require minimal oversight, but trusts that hold complex financial instruments whose performance is influenced by market factors require a more watchful eye. Bauersfeld, Burton, Hendricks & Vanderhoof, LLC assists grantors, trustees and beneficiaries with comprehensive legal services to ensure the smooth operation of their trusts. Our services include:

  • Creditor issues
  • Filing taxes
  • Managing assets
  • Distributing assets
  • Hiring investment advisers

Assistance for the unsophisticated grantor, trustee or beneficiary

Often a trust is established for the benefit of someone who does not understand, or has little interest in, the intricate workings of finance. If you find yourself in this position, you may want a crash course in how your trust operates. Our Bethesda trust administration attorneys have the knowledge, patience and communication skills to educate you. If you simply want the thumbnail sketch, and are looking to entrust the nuts-and-bolts to capable managers, our Bethesda trusts attorneys can assume the role of your personal representative, counsel to the trust, or trustee. As trust administrators, we take our fiduciary duty seriously and make every effort to enhance the performance of the trust so that assets remain secure.

Reliable service that stands the test of time

Though some trusts are established for a limited duration, others are meant to keep operating for extended periods. As a firm with almost 100 years of trustworthy service to the Maryland and D.C. communities, we appreciate longevity and know what is required to achieve it. Our Bethesda estate planning attorneys create estates to endure — and our trust administration attorneys make that happen.

Contact our capable trust administration lawyers in Bethesda

To schedule a complimentary one-hour consultation with a trust administration attorney from Bauersfeld, Burton, Hendricks & Vanderhoof, LLC, call us at 301-986-8600 or contact our Bethesda office online.