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Skilled Bethesda Wills Attorney

Meticulous care to drafting individualized testaments

Although most of us would prefer not to know the hour and the day of our demise, we would like to know that our obligations will be met when that time comes. This is especially true of parents with minor children and individuals who are responsible for disabled adults. Bauersfeld, Burton, Hendricks & Vanderhoof, LLC addresses these concerns with clear, concise and unambiguous wills that precisely convey your intentions with regards to your estate and your loved ones. Since 1918, our Bethesda wills attorneys have provided sincere and confidential service to clients from all walks of life.

Arranging care for your most vulnerable loved ones

If you have minor children, your will must express your wishes regarding custody of them should anything happen to you. Our Bethesda wills attorneys can establish guardianships and plans for asset management to maintain your children at the same economic level they enjoyed when you were with them. Powers of attorney give decision-making authority to a responsible adult to act for another person’s health and welfare.

Will reviews and changes

Our Bethesda estate planning attorneys believes it’s good practice to review your will every so often, and update it to fit any changed circumstances. We make ourselves available to go over every detail and answer all your questions. We suggest revisions to meet your present concerns and then draft an updated document. When we present it to you for signing, we review it again in its entirety so you completely understand the changes and how they affect your legacy.

Avoiding delays due to intestacy

When a person dies without a will, the estate must be administered by a person whom the probate court appoints. This process can be very time consuming and can drain the resources of the estate, leaving little to your intended beneficiaries. Though our Bethesda estate administration lawyers are available to help, it’s best to avoid this situation by having a valid will.

Contact our trustworthy wills attorneys in Bethesda, MD

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